White Sands Travel Candle

“I have traveled to many places but have no desire to leave New Mexico” - Rudolfo Anaya, 1980.

Scent profile: Sea Salt, Jasmine, Dark Musk, Amber & Mandarin.  

Home of the largest deposit of rare white gypsum on earth, White Sands National Monument spans over 275 square miles of the New Mexico desert, protecting the surreal, alien beauty of the one-of-a-kind dunefield.

Our White Sands candle captures the scent of the desert flowers, agave and yucca cacti, that thrive in the monument’s dry climate, accented with notes of amber and jasmine that transports us to those perfect campfire nights with good friends and bad tequila.

Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Mandarin

Middle: Jasmine, Plum, Cardamom

Base: Amber, Dark Musk

25 hour burn time

4 oz scented soy candle

Customer Reviews

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Emma Lehker
Favorite of all favorites

I love this scent!! There isn't a scent from Roosevelt that I don't like, but this is to me is the least distinctive/"exotic" smelling candle (not overly musky/incense-smelling/masculine/earthy, or anything) for those who want a gentler, generally pleasant smelling candle. My favorite scent from my favorite candle company.

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